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Aura & Energy body

1. Everyone and everything alive is and has an Energy body: some of its colourful layers (the ‘aura’) can be photographed with sensitive cameras or apparatus, such as used in  Kirlian photography. 2. Many sensitive (psychic) people have observed this … Continue reading

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The brain is not Mind or Spirit

1. The brain is only flesh: it dies and decays. The brain is NOT the mind! The mind, emotions and personality of the owner of the ‘corpse’ never disappear! They carry on existing, separate from the flesh brain and body, … Continue reading

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Life in Afterlife

1. Life for everyone in Spirit World life depends on the mental attitude of the inhabitant. Your attitude, desires and regrets create your surroundings. They are a background for activities. You’ll have constant access to guidance and support, as well … Continue reading

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