FOREWORD by Brigitte Rix: Why I was asked to channel this new book
INTRODUCTION by the ‘Real Authors’ –

CH. 1

Beware fearmongers – Mankind ill-used Free Will – Unstoppable Energy.

CH. 2

Practice inner balancing tips – Beaming light –Electromagnetic Web.

CH. 3

Choosing trips – World is a theatre – Answers within – Real cases of premonitions.

CH. 4

Check evidence – Beware of distortions – After passing – Prepare now – No jury.

CH. 5

Key checks – Remove the blindfold.

CH. 6

Suicide not punished – Harsher Judge is yourself – Unwise to doubt it.

CH. 7

Watch out for inner storms – Your thoughts are electrical waves.

CH. 8

Secret powers of water – Intensity of desire creates.

CH. 9

How to send healing – Link between clutter & our life.

CH. 10

Open your mind… more – Enjoy discovering.

CH. 11

Your built-in Bulldozer – Why communicate with the Other Side.

CH. 12

Water life force – Tips to enrich your life: seek & look.

CH. 13

Bad moods cause ill-health – Tackle your enemy – Flesh areas are mirrors.

CH. 14

You are in charge – Who can sense your future?

CH. 15

Many faces, many lives – Knowledgeable ‘Guiding Team’.

CH. 16

Signs from Beyond – Astral travel – Cases of signals from departed.

CH. 17

Gifts of sleep – Nature’s Contributions.

SUMMARY:    Hidden powers – You CAN be free!
DISCOVERY TIME’ with ‘The Afterlife French Lady’ Brigitte Rix.