Truths, Lies & Distortions Chapters


Introduction   p12
PART 1 – Understanding the fundamental
Ch.1 Basic Facts as Tools p16
Ch.2 My Evolved Spirit Masters-Teachers p20
Ch.3 How Spirit Teachers obtain Advanced Information p30
Ch.4 Ladder of Understanding p33
Ch.5 One Universal Mind = Akashic Records p42
Ch.6 No Big Bang p46
Ch.7 Minds created Universes p52
Ch.8 God, Devil & Hell? p65
Ch.9 Creation PART I p76
Ch.10 Creation PART II p95
Ch.11 Animals: their Identity & Reasons p115
Ch.12 Why Humans can’t copy Carnivores p136
Ch.13 Understanding Plants p144
Ch.14 How Incarnation Occurs p149
Ch.15 Incarnation: First Babies p171
Ch.16 Feeling in the Wrong Body p176
Ch.17 Coma: what happened? p181
Ch.18 Euthanasia p183
Ch.19 Killer Always Wrong p186
Ch.20 Suicide Bombers’ False Expectations p188
Ch.21 Reincarnation for Humans p191
Ch.22 Animals & Reincarnation p203
PART 2 – Weird & Wonderful
Ch.23 Ley Lines & Crop Circles p212
Ch.24 Adapting to Universes p226
Ch.25 Other Worlds p232
Ch.26 Dimensions within Your Mind p243
Ch.27 Levels p249
PART 3 – Fearless Living
Ch.28 Tuning in p254
Ch.29 Your Mind Creates your Health p259
Ch.30 Your Mind: Not in One Place p265
Ch.31 Organ Transplants p270
Ch.32 Viruses don’t kill! p277
Ch.33 Improve Your Life p280
Ch.34 Discover Inner Knowledge p285
Ch.35 Inventions p288
Ch.36 Quiet Day p294
Ch.37 Peer Pressure p297
Ch.38 Tolerance & Freedom p301
PART 4 – Improve the World
Ch.39 Wars’ Effect on Soldiers p312
Ch.40 Distortions & Troubles caused by Mankind p319
Ch.41 Drought, Chill & Doom p330
Ch.42 Earthquakes & Upheavals Predictions p332
Ch.43 Noah’s Ark: its Real Meaning p339
*Final Pause for Thought   p344
*‘ The Perfect Gift ’   p346