I’m NOT DEAD: I’m ALIVE without a body (Volume 3)


CH 1.

Facets and Soul mates – Reproduction of evidential smells and scents — Mind and memories — Update on progress of family members — My dad’s link to me in past lives — Examining previous lives to see how problems were tackled Psychic Art : Explanations – Conversation with Pierre — Why ‘cavemen’ do not communicate.

CH 2.

Dowsing — Layers within – Apparitions – Thinking without words — Focused Intensity = results — Blending with Animals’ thinking – Mum refereeing arguing departed – Grandpa’s investigation into Plants’ Consciousness — Excursions into ‘past’ lives – Thoughts never die — Web of Mind Energy affected by emotions.

CH 3.

Surprise visitor: Great Grandpa’s activities – Reveals our ‘joint past lives’– Advice on grasping life plan — About Near Death Experiences – Victims and killers.

CH 4.

Life introspection on handling of situations — Changeable Life plans — Absorbing Knowledge by osmosis — Table tipping — ‘Afterlifers’ CAN focus on more than one thing – Intense desire make things happen — Love bond never disappears — What happens during ’messages’ via mediums.

CH 5.

Premonitions & déjà vu — Prejudice & Racism kill — Reasons for sleep — Trust ‘gut feelings — Quiet moments necessary — Absorb sunlight.

CH 6.

‘OM’ Sound explained — Not all worlds need sunlight or water – Quantum Physics important and inspired — Your thoughts affect your neighbourhood – Open-minded scientists needed – Put seeds in youngsters’ Minds — Matter cannot create conscious Beings — Dave’s fun activities.

CH 7.

How new ‘arrivals’ feel when they pass over: News about Pauline – Ronald the scientist shares his views.

CH 8.

Straight from the horse’s mouth: What is the Other Side like now for:
John M. — Keith S. — Mum — Pierre — Pauline.

CH 9.

Grandma helps Animals and children settle – Dave aware of joyful family event –
Thoughts seen as coloured ribbons — Flowers emit sounds — Sound of Love vibrations — More news of Pauline – Dave’s surprise visit using a planchette.