“I’m NOT DEAD: I’m ALIVE…without a body (Volume 1)”

“Console yourself, I have arrived safely.
Everything you told me is true…”
These were the first words from my mother,
just 26 hours after her death.

This fascinating book is volume 1 of a lively diary, charting the first 5 years of communications received by the genuine medium Brigitte Rix, from her mother, father, husband and other people – in the ‘Spirit World’.

This book is different from the rest.
It goes BEYOND proving that there is Life after death.

This ‘travelogue’, humorously narrated by Brigitte’s mother, describes her step-by-step journey following her passing from Earth (with the words “I’m not dead…I’m alive without a body!”), into a whole new world of mind-boggling discoveries of the Afterlife.

The revelations from this ‘author from beyond the grave’ include her
experiences of:

  • being reunited with family, friends and animals in the Spirit World;
  • discovering a 100 year old family secret, that neither she nor Brigitte had ever known;
  • reviewing her past lives and experiencing alternative versions of Earthly history;
  • learning how to fine-tune the frequency of her thoughts to be able to communicate with receptive people on the Earth plane.
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My own Mother excitedly describes her amazing passing, (only 26 hours after the death of her flesh body) and being met by loved ones. She reveals the spectrum of emotions felt: joy at being FREE and feeling great, but also grief at ‘losing’ those left on Earth.

My Father discloses his astonishing part in helping Mum leave her body, as well as his own exciting research in superior Physics, beyond the grave.

My Grandmother (who passed over when I was only 2 yrs old) introduces herself out of the blue and unveils the ‘shocking secret’ that marred her earthly life.

My Husband describes his passing and flying out of his body, and being met by his own deceased parents! A pleasant shock for him, as he used to not believe in survival & communication between the 2 worlds! He soon learnt to manipulate Thought Power to make things happen!

My Mum’s sister whose existence Mum never knew of, neither did I nor my family!

My own Spirit Guide and Teachers, who facilitate the links between the 2 worlds and give enlightening explanations on various topics.

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Thanks to my extra sensory perceptions of clairaudience and mind to mind (telepathy), as well as automatic writing.
As a clairaudient medium, I have the ability to ‘tune in’ to the higher vibrations of the Spirit World.

These fast flowing and faithfully reproduced dialogues between me and my communicators, can be authenticated by several hundred pages of original handwriting.

Those are physical proof of our word-for-word conversations, just as I received them, spoken and given by genuine beings in the Hereafter.

I can also substantiate my direct link to the Spirit World, since I can be an intermediary to pass on personal messages between strangers (to me) on Earth and their ‘departed’ loved ones.

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My mother also gives exciting accounts about:

  • meeting other Spirit Beings who teach her how to adjust to this spiritual dimension.
  • learning how to manipulate the energy of her thoughts, to create her desired environment in the Spirit World.
  • feeling FREE! There is NO JUDGMENT by any ’god’. ‘Hell’ is NOT a place, it is a state of Mind, a state of REMORSE when you grasp any harm done wilfully. You are the one examining your life!
  • how colours can be experienced as sounds, while words transform into pictures.

Additional individual accounts by other loved ones and Spirit ‘Guides’ are included.
They provide further astounding insights into exactly what happens after we die – when we all finally get to ‘go home’.
When you read this book, it offers you upliftment and reassurance that no parting is eternal – you will meet your loved ones again.
People who ‘pass over’ into the Spirit World only lose their flesh body, but not their mind, personality and love for those still residing on Earth. They are still ALIVE!
The Laws of Nature and Physics dictate that Energy cannot be destroyed, it just transforms from one state of vibration into another.
The Spiritual Energy – or ‘Soul’ – within each of us cannot be destroyed, but just passes into the next plane of existence.
This first volume sets the scene for the subsequent books now published, and produced by Brigitte’s gifted mediumship and her desire to spread the messages of love and knowledge from those in the Spirit World.

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