Worlds Beyond Chapters


Ch.1 Planets created for balance – ‘Space: an expanse of web-like vibrations – Life: wherever is an Urge to ‘Exist’.
Ch.2 Fight damage & pollution of the Earth – How you can help -Think ahead.
Ch.3 Overcoming limitations of the flesh – Earth experiment never done before – First Humans’ amazing skills – Mind Power over Matter.
Ch.4 Mind/Soul impact on Body – Tug of War – No one born nasty – Right to live – Balance the needs.
Ch.5 What is an Entity? – Where is the Soul? – Kaleidoscope of experiences – Awful lives – Brave victims’ Souls – Analysing one’s life.
Ch.6 Spirit Guide’s role – Answer is within – Wonder at marvels – Experiment kick off – Focus on flesh – Moving the goal post.
Ch.7 How to feel fulfilled – Determination & goal – No one “passes before their time” — Prehistoric people moved on.
Ch.8 Geneva Hadron Collider – What is the Eternal Source of Life-giving Energy? – Definition of Thought.
Ch.9 Body reflects mindset – How you think.
Ch.10 No boundaries – Inner Urge at core of any creation – Being = a self-creating Entity – Animals: different thoughts actualised.
Ch.11 Prepare for trip – All possibilities exist – Guided, not abandoned – Not all Energy Beings go to Earth.
Ch.12 Pioneer visitors first – Human from seed to maturity –  Choice, not survival of the fittest.
Ch.13 Time: Focus – Hub of a wheel.
Ch.14 Beings of Mind – Creative Thought World beyond the ‘Spirit World’ – 5th & 6th Dimensions -– Disappearances on Earth.

Space Texture & Inner Aspects – Knowledge channelled from Beings without surroundings – Essence of Living= transformation of Loving Energy – Atoms’ bid for freedom.


Boosted Creativity– In-between pause – Space = a power store – Creation’s controlled progression — Ingredients of Creation – Earth disasters = Reconstruction.

Ch.17 ‘Inner Space’ — Formation of Energies – Focus of Intensity – Bedrock – Fundamental Urge.
Ch.18 Planets’ Energy texture — Intensity: key to creation – Aim of stars – Not designed by the ‘Spirit World’ – How Humans can help – Staying or leaving?
Ch.19 Jupiter’s downfall – Pulsating Thought power – Other areas of existence.
Ch.20 Thought Intensity – Spikes of possibilities – Existing  BEFORE our Universe.
Ch.21 Life Force = innate Urge to exist, with built-in Intelligence –Any Beings on our planets? – Travels on Mind vibrations scale.
Ch.22 Magic of the AIR : band of Thought Vibrations – Bodies of gases – Miracle of WATER Energy bridge – Wonders of the SOIL –Creation by Beings from Beyond ‘the Spirit World’ —Creative pools of Thinking Energies – Future Technology — Physicality in  other places.
Ch.23 Ancient writing – Part of the ‘Big Book’ – Spirit World Airport: departures & arrivals.
Ch.24 Immeasurable ‘Sphere system’ — What created Mind Power? – No single Being as a Creator/ deity — Joy of Creating Matter – Thought Energy: the fastest thing.
Ch.25 Beings from BEYOND the ‘Spirit World’ – Unrecognisable Other Worlds — Intensity: the Key – Why can those Beings communicate? — Crop circles.
Ch.26 Progress: shedding human ways– Starting point of a Soul – Degrees of Consciousness: atoms know! – Animals’ Consciousness —ESP abilities — All Minds linked as One – Plants Consciousness: big leaves’ excitement.
Ch.27 Thoughts never die — You create your environment — Urge = driving Force — From ‘Energy blob’ to conscious Being –Why some feel ‘lost’ –- Forgotten Humans’ aims – One Higher Self = many Souls.
Ch.28 Beware of influenced reports — Genuine Scole Experiment materialised visitors – Existing forever – Planets created to Balance– Water is not ‘Life’ – What and where after final trip to Earth? —How I started as a ‘blob’.
Ch.29 Mind = Electric Tool – Visualizing birth of Consciousness — To reach 5th Dimension: rise above materialism – Enjoy, admire, respect Nature.
Ch.30 Awareness of your Oversoul versus Guide – Compassion  power.
Ch.31 Reckoning — Help to the Creation – Stonehenge – Reaching Seekers of Truth – Use Will Power – No random Creation.
Ch.32 Soldiers’ choices — Sleep paralysis? — How to improve your and others’ lives – What is Spirituality?
Beware: mindsets affect bodies! – You are not of this Earth – Loving bonds survive.