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Italicised texts are quotes from communicators in Spirit, as in my book ‘I’m NOT DEAD: I’m ALIVE…without a body’.

Q1- What is the ‘Spirit World’ like?Click to show/hide answer

(1a) It’s a world made of Energy and Light – Not earthly Matter.

Yet it appears solid when you first arrive, because your Mind is still attuned to the earthly vibrations and ways of sensing. It’s full of beautiful sceneries with fantastic colours.

(My Guide says) “Our world works on vibrations. Everything which lives here, exists here, is made of vibrations and emits vibrations.”

(Mum says) “A beautiful flower’s texture seems to be made of ‘light’. Here there are no atoms one could ‘dissect’; but there still is a structure, it’s made of vibrations, radiance. Things are made rather of ‘inside of atoms’, that is to say: light or electricity or something like that.”

(1b) It does not occupy any ‘space’ since it is not ‘solid’.

Just like TV & radio waves can co-exist in a room, our earthly world does not prevent the World of Spirit frequencies from blending within ours. Different frequencies co-existing!

“ Everything flows easily from one world to the other, as there isn’t really a gap between the two: it is only a feeling of difference… You are within ours and we are within yours. We both need to simply adjust the knobs of vibration to find each other”.

(1c) You feel normal, with a ‘body’, but realise you are imagining it and can be any age!

“I saw myself in a mirror, as a young woman…So pleasant not to feel old any longer! “

“I have a ‘body’ but I am now aware it is a body I imagine, therefore it is not a real body, is it?!

“Gradually, as we progress, we don’t have the impression of having a body, because we don’t really pay attention to it. On the other hand we do realise we are constantly thinking!”

(1d) Your thoughts & states of mind create your surroundings: you need to control them.

“I looked at a flower in my ‘garden’ outside. I thought it would look pretty indoors… and suddenly it appeared near me, in a vase I had never seen before! So the vase must have created itself!”

“Interest, desire, wish and thought: all that turns the creation of a thought into Reality”-

(1e) Ambient Light is created by everyone’s inner vibrations of kindness and happiness.

“Here, Light’ is not like sunlight on Earth, it’s totally different. It has vibrations of emotions, rather than photons and other particles.”

The mysterious light surrounding us is internal… shining outwards from within, according to the emotions and the way of thinking, of feeling happy. Our light here is not sunlight or electric light, but vibrations of sheer Kindness …”

(1f ) Criminals & hatred-filled people may see themselves in very unpleasant earth-like places. Their dark thoughts & lack of compassion create their own hellish surroundings.

“Kindness and compassion have a light of their own… That’s why the dark zones, where those who have been nasty live, (as long as they do not regret what they did) It does not emanate from them of course, because they are not kind enough in their hearts, .”

(1g) Emotions have colours & sounds.

“Any thought or emotion emits a kind of sound. It has a resonance which has a particular characteristic! Around each person, we see in colours the emotions behind their thoughts.”

“ If one concentrates very hard on someone, one can see their thoughts as a kind of film, filled with colours and emotions, like little waves.”

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Q2- How do loved ones communicate with us on Earth?Click to show/hide answer

(2a) The Mind is NOT the flesh brain, it survives! We are all Energy personalities (‘Spirit’’)

I realise it is not the brain which thinks, because mine is dead and probably rotten …and I can still think!”

“I feel I am a ‘Spirit’, in the sense of ‘Spirit’ and ‘Mind’, but I know I no longer have a flesh brain, fortunately, as (my stroke) is what caused my death”

(2b) How can ‘Beings of Energy’ communicate with us?

“I send my thoughts to you, my dear. Your brain translates them into words of your understanding. If my mind links up with your mind perfectly, we have a good communication”.

(2c) Mind is the Creative Tool. They learn to use it to show themselves on Earth.

“You must know how to project yourself. You need to accelerate your thoughts by thinking about yourself…and remember what you looked like!”

(2d) To be heard, they use telepathy , i.e. sending thoughts, Mind to Mind:

* Either directly to the Earth person, or within the Spirit World.

“At the beginning, I thought we (‘the departed’) had to speak to each other (in this world) like on Earth, but I realised here we use telepathy and can understand what others are thinking”

“We have here a system of news conveyed by thought: when we want to speak to each other, or make ourselves heard, we call the person just by thinking of them”

* Or indirectly via a ‘facilitator’ if you are a beginner:

(Husband, as a new arrival, says)- “If you think I am talking to you directly, no I am not, because I’ve not been taught yet how to control my mind to reach yours. But I learnt to talk to you in my head: my mind is picked’ by someone else here who transmits it to you”

(2e) Communicators must think slowly and clearly, to link

I was told not to think of several things at the same time if I want it to work well… Each thought must be firm, strong and unilateral”.

“If one concentrates very hard on someone, one can see their thoughts as a kind of film, filled with colours and emotions, like little waves.”

(2f ) Often, the ‘departed’ need to settle down mentally before communicating.

We (guides) brought your Mum near you twice and helped her to speak to you, so that you are reassured about her settling down, but she does need to rest now and to look around, wander round, learn and observe. She has a lot to learn and discover”.

(2g) It’s not ‘wrong’ to communicate with our loved ones in Spirit!

(Mum says) “The bible says people must not meddle with ‘talking to the dead’! Well, Gentlemen of Jehovah Witnesses (and anyone else!) let me tell you that you are very wrong!

Not only is it possible to speak with ‘dead people’ (because no one dies), but also the ‘dead’ are not out of reach. It is them who choose to approach you, not you approaching them!”

(2h) Guides send special Energy to signal their presence

(Guide says)“You said you feel a tingling sensation on the side of your face. It’s because my friends and I show you we are close to your Mind.”

“All energies have various degrees of strength and vibrations. We choose one which you can feel quite easily and recognize, because there are rays you may not feel, not identify”

(2i) How can ‘Beings of Energy’ communicate with us?

“ I send my thoughts to you, my dear. Your brain translates them into words of your understanding. If my mind links up with your mind perfectly, we have a good communication.

If you are upset or distracted, the link gets broken and it’s less smooth. We need perfect stillness to be successful”.

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Q3- What do we ‘do’ when in Spirit World?Click to show/hide answer

(3a) Recover from the surprise to still be ALIVE!

“I realised I was with my deceased parents… So I must be ‘dead’ too! … That was such a strange feeling to think: “I am dead” yet feel as alive as before! In fact more alive than before, because I was not feeling alive in that hospital!”

“I saw my Dad and your Dad! So I understood that I had ‘died… and my life ‘Upstairs’ had started!”

(3b) Enjoy the freedom! No more illness or pain! Feel young forever!

“I am glad you seem to have understood I feel better here than on Earth, where I found myself trapped in a body giving me more and more trouble.
I don’t suffer anymore: do not cry for me!”

“You must not, ever again, think of the hospital and the end of my life on Earth! … I no longer have that in mind now”.

(3c) Enjoy meeting up again with ‘departed’ loved ones, friends and pets welcoming you.

(Mum says)-“It’s so good to see my dear Dad, he has not changed, I recognised his little moustache. Kissing me he said: “At last you’ve arrived safe and sound. I told you I was always close to you!”

(Dave says)– “I felt as if I was floating …Then I saw you and Jim and Anne-France and ‘me’ on the bed, the three of you around it. But I also saw my (deceased) Mum and Dad and the others!

I laughed when they said: “Welcome to our world, son!” They actually said ‘our world’… and I thought: “How can it be their world, they are dead!”

(3d) Send positive loving energy to those you left behind on Earth.

I am not far, only the distance of a thought between you and I. It creates the link, so think of me and I think of you: that way we are not cut off!”

I am really sad to have let you down just like that, without being near you in the flesh—but do know I am with you in thoughts forever! All you have to do is speak to me: I shall hear you!

No loved one is ever far away from you. He or she will still be near you when needed, will still be sending loving, helpful thoughts to you on the Earth, where you all struggle one way or the other.”

(3e) Enjoy the beauty of your New World

“Think of the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen and multiply it by thousands. That will give you an idea of what I see! My mind is overjoyed and blown by the beauty and the colours of the landscapes here”.

(3f ) Discover the amazing power of your thoughts which constantly create your décor!

“I am sitting here, very happy to look at my books on the shelf, saying to myself: “What’s that book over there?” and the book arrives into my hand without me having to get up! I can’t tell you what fun all this is!

“When you pick up a book here, it does not seem to have any weight. It does look as if it is printed, yet when you read it, often the words are printed, but sometimes I realise I am seeing live, moving pictures instead! You read a book… which turns into a television with a film about what you are reading!”-

(3g) Learn to control thoughts and emotions, via amusing practical ‘exercises’.

“My friends here made me do little exercises. I see my thoughts take shape in front of me and I see myself doing those exercises: for example, I see myself sitting by the water edge, or floating on the water in a rowing boat, but I also see myself ‘from above’, I get a bird’s eye view!”

Objects I create exist… because I want them to exist. But if I think of some things in passing, then don’t think about them afterwards, they disappear because I no longer think of them: so they have no ‘life’, no ‘matter’ coming from my thought.”-

(3h) Actualize longings unfulfilled on Earth, to free yourself emotionally.

(Mum says) “I used to paint when I was young but was not very good at it. All that can be rectified now by simply wishing it and doing it! It’s like a thirst one has to quench! Therefore I also have fun painting and drawing and taking photos!”

(3i) Get rid of Earthly ways of thinking.

(Mum says)– “We have to change the way we have been forced to think on Earth, because all those years of earthly life teach us to learn not to touch, to be careful, and to be afraid of hurting ourselves! Now, here, I must tell myself all that does not matter! I can do what I want and am not in danger!
I must think: “I want to float, I can float in the air, I can remain ‘suspended’ without falling. I don’t risk anything: I don’t have a flesh body”

(3j) Analyze and review your latest earthly life: you are your only judge!

”It is by analysing one’s life on Earth that one sees the kind of person one was, has become, what one would have liked to be, yet has not been able or wanted to be.

It is very useful to take a look at oneself and see one’s life ‘like in a film’

“No one is judging you, definitely not! It is yourself who looks at ‘you’, judging yourself, saying to yourself: “My goodness, how could I do such a thing?
I should have realised it was stupid!”

(3k) You keep your personality, but slowly improve yourself and your way of thinking…

You do not suddenly become ‘all knowing’ or see the future.

There are some people who don’t bother to try to acquire any new knowledge; they are quite content to keep doing the same things as they’ve always done (on Earth)! It is the desire to learn which makes you progress here. The more you want to know, the more you will be told and be helped to experience or understand”-

Understanding oneself is useful because if one doesn’t know oneself well, one cannot understand how one reacts and therefore how one creates reality around oneself!

I still see some people here who think they have to look after their body, go to bed and cook themselves meals! That is because they have not understood that life here is very different from the one they had on Earth: it’s only a question of getting used to not thinking like on Earth”. (Author’s note: This is one good way of judging the knowledge level, or lack of progress, of communicators from Spirit World!)

(3l) You can be told of what takes place on Earth (Ex. A ‘video replay of your own funeral!):

( Guide says)Your Dave has learnt of your big efforts to give him a suitable send off. We organised our main helpers to tune in to your world and ‘see’ what you did, so that they could relate it all to him. He has thus learnt you had fantastic ideas to see him off, as he is not really there (in Earth grave) but is here ( in Spirit World)

(Mum says) I saw the day you all said good bye to your Dave in a lovely way! I looked into what the great friend (from our World) who came to ‘see’ you, reported when he came back to tell us about it. He saw everything you did and showed it to us by thinking about it very hard. That way we were able to read/see his thoughts and his report, his tale. It gave us so much pleasure to see you had a woodland burial and a tree on a grave!”

(3m) Grasp ‘hell’ is a state of mind, not a ‘place’ !

‘Hell’ is not an actual place- Hell is a state of regrets and remorse. Anyone who realises the wilful harm they did to some other Being, will feel terrible remorse and find it hard to forgive themselves! That inner battle will be their own inner hell. No deity ‘sends’ them there, their guilt creates it for them.

The dark zones, where those who have been nasty live, are without light because it does not emanate from them, since they are not kind enough in their hearts, as long as they do not regret what they did.”

(3n) You meet up with loved ones visiting (in their Spirit body) during their earthly deep sleep.

When people are asleep… they all come here! It is not the same level as the one I am at, but it’s where we can find people who are not ‘dead’ but are asleep on Earth. They come out of their body and come here to meet up with their friends etc. They rarely remember their visit, because their body is not involved, therefore neither is their brain: it is their mind and their ‘invisible body’ which come to us.”-

You come and meet me at the place where we meet people in their sleep, because they cannot come further than a certain level. We certainly hug and kiss; but the joy of seeing each other again is always tarnished by the fact you must return to your body and wake up on Earth instead of here! Yet it is a pity you don’t remember it, as you would have more happiness in your heart, less sadness, if you did know we are often together.”

(3o) Slowly discover you are in fact an ‘Energy Personality’.

“I now understand that once the flesh body is destroyed, we are left with a ‘false spirit body’ which is nevertheless the ‘Self’. The inner Self: how one feels, who one thinks one is”.

“As we progress and learn more, we see each other as lights, instead of flesh ‘people’! Being able to do this allows us to understand each other without having to speak.

“They are teaching me to no longer feel my imaginary body, as I am out of it and enjoy being just a (Being of) Thought!”

(3p) Realize your ‘Higher/Real Self’ consists of numerous facets: each is a ‘past’ life!

I still think of me and see myself as your Mum, of course, don’t worry, but there are other sides (to oneself) one does not know before coming here. There are layers of personalities, previous lives, all to be understood to get to know oneself perfectly”.

Your Dad has seen a lot about his previous lives. He fully understands that the idea one lives only one life on Earth is totally incorrect!”

My friends tell me it is very difficult to see again a whole life from A to Z… One just sees important moments, more like ‘extracts’…

One day, all these little pieces of ‘me’ in various shapes and types, these colours of different personalities, will stick themselves back together into one big and single ‘Me’ whom I shall recognise more”.

(3q) Some people do not to communicate (with the Earth) for a long while because they don’t believe it’s possible… or they need to settle down mentally.

I needed the mental space to do all those exercises. I did not go anywhere else than where I actually was, but I learnt to focus within rather than without.”

She needs mental rest and to forget the worries she had on Earth, in order to be able to settle here fully, without that terrible pain that separation causes”

(3r) In time, you may want to help ‘new arrivals’ ( people or animals ) settle in Spirit World.

Now that I am well settled I have learnt to look after those needing help… I welcome them and show them they can be loved and will never be harmed.”

(3s) Do what you want at all times, nothing is compulsory!

Now I prefer to have the freedom to stroll around… as tying oneself down to one particular place is limiting: one must not create restrictions for oneself if one wants to discover more!”

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Q4- What happens when we ‘die’?Click to show/hide answer

(4a) People and Animals slip out of the flesh body, painlessly, like out of an old garment. ‘Death’ is about, when your body is no longer in contact with your Spirit”.

(About Dave) “He has not suffered when he actually passed over: he just slipped over here by sliding out of his body painlessly, softly and silently… He did not really notice he was coming out of his body, until he became aware he was above the bed and all around him were his (‘departed’) loved ones: his family, his animals, his friends. He said “Am I dead then? That’s strange to think I am dead and I don’t feel any different! I am dead, yet I am alive… How can I be dead, yet feel so alive and light?!”

(Mum)“I did hear what you were telling me in the hospital bedroom…Then I saw some lights in front of me: I went towards them… I felt as if I was so heavy and I clung onto those lights by staring at them, I felt I was pulled towards them. I managed to get right close to them… Then I saw they were no longer lights but people ALIVE! …Those lights suddenly were transformed into human shapes! And my Dad and yours became solid in front of me! (They had ‘died’ long ago) so I understood that indeed I too had ‘died and my life ‘Upstairs’ had started!”

(Dave) “I wanted to go out of the hospital, out in the country. I wanted to cry, to be free, to release all the pent-up frustration… and suddenly I felt I was lifting… I was being lifted, I floated, I could not believe it! … And then I saw you and (our two children) and ‘me’ on the bed, the three of you around it.”

(4b) Once out of the body, you cannot feel ill or in pain, as no physical nerves are involved.

(But you could imagine you are feeling it, if you focus your mind on that!)

“I’d like to reassure you about Mum. Yes, she suffered (on Earth) but she has already forgotten it.

She doesn’t think about it any longer. She is no longer in pain… She has so much to see and discover here that it keeps her busy!”

“By the time Dave had slipped out completely, there was no hold of his body on to his Spirit and he felt so free… He could fly, he said, having been bed bound for weeks! It made him so happy!”

(4c) You usually realise one or several persons are welcoming you.

The experience may vary from one person to another, according to states of mind / beliefs.

(Mum says)“Your Dad has done his best to help me come here: he ‘attracted’ me with the energy of his love and affection, my Dad did too. So between the two of them, they helped me come so easily that I nearly did not realise I’d gone away from you. I felt all strange when I saw them in front of me… I don’t feel ‘dead’! I was so flabbergasted to be so-called ‘dead’ and not to have had difficulties getting there… Isn’t it incredible to ‘die’ and yet not be really dead after all?”

(Dad says)“ On the day of Mum’s arrival, I had organised a big party with her friends of long ago- Moreover, I asked her Dad to explain to Mum how to communicate with you, as it was something you would have wanted; also it should help you through the days after her departure.”

(4d) You usually see yourself in pleasant surroundings, similar to lovely earthly landscapes.

“Everything is fine, Mum only needs to adapt to her new environment…. She has very pleasant surroundings, created by her own wishes for peace, tranquillity and rest. She will create for herself a world of her own when she knows how to. For now, her surroundings were prepared for her by those who love her and know what she needs for the time being.”

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Q5- Whom may we see in S.W?Click to show/hide answer

(5a) Those you cared for or who know about you. The link is love, affection, friendship, admiration.

I saw lots of people I used to know when I was little and my animals too. I also discovered my parents had a little girl I knew nothing about, would you believe! Because they did not want to talk about it! Me who thought I was an only child, in fact I was not really.”-

During WWII Mum used to save some of her rations to give to a sick bear starving in a zoo:

“The bear from Algiers zoo shocked me when he appeared here. He showed me his paw, as he used to do it through the cage in Algiers, and I’ve had him so close to me, safely, it’s incredibly wonderful! He’s changed, as he is really handsome now… He is so happy to see me! It’s also amazing an animal remembers what one had done for him. He must have had some affection towards me or felt the affection I had for him, so he’s shown himself here in all his splendour to ‘thank’ me and to ‘reward’ me, I suppose, to have tried to help him when he was miserable.”-

(5b) Your Spirit Guides and helpers, inspiring you during your earthly life.(See Q6)

(5c) Other humans recently passed over, on the same wavelength as you and ‘learning’ too!

(Mum says) “My new friends are ‘students’ like me. They are like me, learning to do new and weird things, but fun. If we do not tune in to the correct frequency, we cannot communicate with one another. Everyone here is on the same frequency, so much so that they can hear, sense one another.”

(5d) Other people with more experience who become your new friends or teachers.

“The ‘tutors’ are our friends too but they know so much they are obviously also teachers from here. They guide us, showing us how to do all those things”.

“There are also some who simply turn up if we wonder about something and no one has got a proper answer, or if we have not really understood it”.

(5e) People looking familiar but you can’t place: you had a bond with them in previous lives.

– (Mum says) “There are indeed a few people I knew from ’before’: they have known me for far longer than during my life with you this time round.”

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Q6- Do we all have a ‘Spirit Guide’? Who are they?Click to show/hide answer

(6a) Yes… Whether labelled guide, door keeper, protector, guardian…

They are Personalities who look after us from the ‘Other Side’, from the moment we are born.

They can only advise and encourage but not order us, as Humans must use their free will.

(Guide says)- “There are several of us looking after you. There is a main ‘leader’, as you may call him, but the whole group is devoted to your well-being and progress; so we are here for you, whenever you need us. Do not hesitate to call us, to think and to speak.”

(Mum says) “I was told you have someone who looks after you very kindly and who knows what he is talking about, who has made a lot of efforts for you, so be glad you have him!

They told me he has studied here at a very advanced level, therefore he is very knowledgeable, so don’t be afraid to believe him! He has also learnt to teach others what he has learnt; therefore he can explain things well.”

(6b) Such guides and helpers have lived on Earth before. This is why they understand our struggles with earthly problems.

(Mum says) “One in particular looks after me. We have done loads of things together, he’s taught me a lot! I feel good in his presence. He seems to be a brave man, who is intelligent, kind, interesting and very profound. He is also an excellent teacher as he explains everything as simply as he can.”

“We (guides and helpers) need to link up with the Earth to better our understanding of Human Beings and their situations, and help them sort out their dilemmas whenever we can. We learn from helping you and you learn from being helped by us”.

(6c) We have known them in a previous earthly life & agreed to have them as ‘Spirit guides’.

(Mum says)- “Their faces were familiar. I learnt later they had been present when I had left for the Earth (to be born!)…to say goodbye, as if to a traveller! These same people came to welcome me back, this time!”-

(Guide) “You and I were mates at one time. We loved travelling across Europe…(After leaving that life) you wanted to learn more… and chose to go back to Earth. I stayed here in my world, to look after you from here. We do have constant contact You have my voice in your head, you often think it is your thoughts but it is my voice…”

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Q7- Can Spirit guides predict the future?Click to show/hide answer

(7a) Advanced, knowledgeable guides have learnt to examine the puzzle map of probabilities, for the most likely probability at the time of the ‘sitting’ or the request. All depends on Humans’ ever-changing free will… which guides cannot interfere with!

“To look into your ‘future’ is to go through the complex, and at times heavy, process of learning how to communicate so-called ‘future’ facts, for you to grasp and prepare yourself for. For this a Guide needs to able to sift through all of the probabilities to see what is most likely to happen and is most helpful!

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Q8- Are there so-called ‘Angels’?Click to show/hide answer

(8a) Evolved Beings are pure Energy, they can move like light does. No need for wings! Feathered wings are physical objects. Humans imagine Superior Beings with wings to explain their travelling across a space.

(Dad says) “There are Superior Beings making the effort to bring themselves down, lower themselves to our level, my level… Because their knowledge is such that I do feel they don’t come from where I am, but rather from an even higher ‘Great Beyond’! ”-

(Mum says) “Winged angels? No! I must admit I have not seen a single wing!”

“A tall ‘Being of Light’ appeared for a split moment then disappeared! Not so much a human body as a luminous form… What mattered was not so much the shape as what was emanating from it: it was only Beauty, Peace, Pure Love, a Beautiful Light… A beautiful luminous ‘Power of Kindness’, I felt this loving kindness he consists of, wrap me up like a blanket!”

– (Dad says) — “It is incredible how the light becomes even more beautiful when a superior Being comes near us! They are people who have knowledge far superior to ours, to mine, and who are so kind when they speak to you… They have infinite patience! I know they are what I call ‘superior’ because the light changes as soon as they approach. We realise they are from elsewhere, that is to say: levels of Thought better and superior to ours”.

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Q9- Do we see ‘God’ or some other deity?Click to show/hide answer

(9a) If you deeply and strongly believe in a deity, this belief will probably become reality to you.

But if you are open-minded, you may realise there is no religion in the Afterlife!

‘Religion’ is a man-made belief in a superhuman, controlling deity(From the Latin ‘religio’= ligation/ bond/ reverence)

(Mum says)My friends here explained to me that in Spirit World there is no religion, nor belief in one ‘tradition’ or another! All we live on is the ‘local air, I mean we don’t need to search elsewhere to find Truth: Truth is all around us

The ‘God’ so much spoken about is not a benevolent Being but a way of living which is pure because it is caring and loving all the time. The very fact of being lovingly kind is to be ‘God’ yourself: it is the sign of Kindness within oneself. It is wanting to be kind-hearted and caring for the sake of it, not for ‘scoring points’ in order to go to Paradise!”

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Q10- Why are we born?Click to show/hide answer

(10a) We all are Spirit Beings, living in Spirit World BEFORE we choose to go on Earth!

(Mum says) When I saw these people here I realised I used to be acquainted with them before… I can’t recall which ‘before’ but I am certain
I recognised them and I was told:
Here are those who have been looking after you since you left us to go and live your earthly life.”-

(10b) Earth life is a school that we choose, to expand our experiences within Matter.

Life on Earth is not the best place to be happy but the best place to learn to do what you have decided to experience …The Earth is a good school for you” .

“It comes from deep within oneself. Suddenly one has the intense desire to go and develop more, to meet people one had known before, or make the acquaintance of others one did not know. All this opens a range of unusual experiences which enrich the Soul.” —

(Mum says) One needs to remind oneself that what happened on Earth was only a passage from one life to the other, and what matters in the end is the good one has done”.

(10c) One life is not enough. Progress is experiencing poverty and wealth, illness and health, etc.

The life you lead on Earth is only a speck in the overall lot you will have experienced or will experience. It is not possible to live only one life: because you could not learn all you’d want to know and experience in that particular span of so-called ‘time’. You’d miss out on a lot of possibilities if you’d only had one single Earth life experience”

“ Your loved ones will have the opportunity to blossom in the Spirit World, as they discover new facets of their personality and blend with the other facets they have known before (in other lives) but have forgotten. That way the flower of their Soul and Spirit will obtain more ‘petals’, the colours of their Soul will be brighter and richer. This is what counts”.

(10d) Only One Universal LAW to live by, explained by Evolved Teachers in Spirit World:

“Do not harm any other being and if one is in need, help if you can”.

If we go and kill, we harm ourselves because we harden ourselves, we accept we can go and destroy another life or other lives. We tell ourselves ‘that’s ok, it’s good’ because we have ‘a good reason’ for doing so! No, it’s not good. Killing is wrong!”

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Q11- Is the time of death fixed?Click to show/hide answer

(11a) It is essential to grasp that, on a higher level, each one of us is like a rough diamond. For each facet to sparkle, it needs to be chiselled and polished.

Each time we go and experience a human life on Earth (= each incarnation), the ups and down of that life carve and sculpt a new facet —each time as a different personality, male or female.

Your Higher Self, your ‘Spirit’, the Real You, is the whole diamond, composed of all the various facets, the personalities- each facet being a ‘Soul’ for each particular life.

You have not always been the ‘person’ who you think you are now.
The ‘you’ now is only one aspect, one small facet of the Real You…

Your Higher Self / Spirit/ the Real You/ knows what is best for you in each individual incarnation, as it can see the overall plan. The individual ‘Soul’ may not want to leave its flesh vehicle at ‘death’ sometimes (For ex. Because of emotional links with those on Earth.)

But your Higher Self knows that, in the long run, on the scale of eternity, it is best! You have had other parents/ wives/ husbands/ children, over centuries. And you were able to meet them again in Spirit World (if wished) after your various ‘deaths ‘of the flesh body.

(11b) No one ‘dies’ unless their Spirit/ Higher Self wishes to leave the flesh body, for their own reasons… which they will recall and understand once settled in the Spirit World.

(Guide says)-“ The chosen moment will depend upon his state of mind at that time… If he can be kept fairly cheerful, he will last longer. If he loses courage and strength, he will escape from his physical body to come and rest here, to live happily and normally, though he will certainly be unhappy to have left you all!… The date will only be really ‘fixed’ when he (his Spirit) decides he can no longer stand it and wants to leave—then that will be the end…” –

(Guide says)“It is their Will from the bottom of their Soul which will determine exactly when… You’ll have to explain this to others, including your own family, because it is very hard for one person to ‘go’, when all those around he loves are hankering for him to stay on Earth, whereas the Soul yearns to go…” .

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