This sequel to ‘Golden Keys’ offers you tips and encouragement
to protect your Health, your Freedom and your Peace of Mind.

People have been deprived of those for too long, due to the
self-serving manipulations of numerous devious humans
––especially leaders.

Medium Brigitte Rix has channelled insights & advice from
the caring Masters––’The Protectors of the Earth’––who
wish to remind us of vital facts:

  • You are a FREE BEING, not an obedient slave.
  • All Beings are EQUAL, no one can impose their will on you.
  • You have BUILT-IN TOOLS to fight off fearmongering & dig out the truth.
  • Your mindset & emotions AFFECT your health & CREATE events around you.
  • Caring & selfless Earthly attitudes & deeds ENABLE a smooth ‘passing on’.
  • Learn to unfold your PSYCHIC GIFTS to foresee events & make decisions.
  • Protect and re-energise your Mind by using NATURE’s gifts.
  • Benefits of HYPNOTIC regression to lead a rebalanced life.
  • Why Humans chose to be sentient ‘HOLOGRAMS’ on Earth!

Practising the suggestions offered will create an indestructible protective
shield over you, and a robust determination within you… thus empowering
you to face and tackle any situation—therefore be part
of the change for the good!

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