In this astonishing sequel to Worlds Beyond the ‘Spirit World’ you will learn how to prepare BETTER for the life-changing changes we have started to face on Earth.

Medium Brigitte Rix has channelled the wisdom of the Evolved Masters, from BEYOND the ‘Spirit World’ dimensions. They implore Humans to make greater efforts NOW, as they FORESEE CATASTROPHES caused by mankind’s narrow vision and stupidity:

  • Severe and lasting shortages of food and fresh water-
  • Drastic air pollution & lack of oxygen as forests are destroyed-
  • Natural disasters shaking the planet-
  • Destructive weather patterns caused by mankind’s greed & thoughtlessness-
  • All those lead to increasing fear and diseases-
  • As everybody will suffer, it will level social classes-

To lessen the destruction, those kind Beings beg us to ACT NOW:

  • To stop wasting water and ban all waste, daily-
  • To teach youngsters to grow plants as basic food to survive-
  • To push leaders to invest in desalination to obtain fresh water-
  • To speak up against pollution, prejudices, racism-
  • To protect our soil, forests, rivers & seas –
  • To plan ahead to survive


  • Grasp that our thoughts & emotions affect our bodies & surroundings-
  • Use our positive Thought Power to improve society’s Mindsets-
  • Join groups aiming at making a difference, every day-
  • Promote peace locally and world-wide-
  • Give the Earth a chance to save us-
  • Grasp that we are all Beings of vibrating creative Energy-
  • Awaken the telepathic gifts that we all possess-

Those caring Superior Beings exist, coming from far more Advanced Worlds. They call themselves ‘The Team of Protectors of the Earth’.

To help us SURVIVE, they try to rebalance our Earth’s damaged vibrational grid, which affects the equilibrium of our planet and Solar System – but we must help ourselves as well… and ACT NOW!