These ‘GOLDEN KEYS’ aim to FREE the MINDS of unhappy people:

  • Shaken and confused by current life-changing events?
  • Filled with fear, doubts and feeling helpless?
  • Grieving for loved ones?
  • Suffering from health problems?
  • Seeking help to cope with your uncertain future?

GOLDEN KEYS offer YOU suggestions and enlightening insights:

  • To help you discover who & what your REAL SELF is-
  • To unfold your psychic gifts-
  • To reinvent a better way of living & regain peace of mind.

Medium Brigitte RIX channelled (via high-speed ‘telepathically-guided automatic writing’ ) this wisdom of Evolved Masters in the Afterlife.

Those caring Superior Beings exist in more Advanced Worlds.
They call themselves ‘The Team of Protectors of the Earth’.

They dictated helpful reminders & revelations:

  • All Beings are EQUAL: reject domination & manipulation.
  • All Beings are FREE creatures: do not harm each other.
  • Tips to strengthen and PROTECT your mind & body.
  • Tips to USE your astounding CREATIVE THOUGHT POWER.
  • Clues to LISTENING WITHIN for decisions & glimpses of future.
  • Clues to ‘Remote Viewing’, SENSING Nature & sending ‘Healing’
  • Explaining the Mystery of SURVIVAL without a flesh body, & ‘Past Lives’.
  • Revealing how COMMUNICATIONS & loving ‘signs’ are given by those Departed.

Open-mindedness and willingness to understand and apply those suggestions, will guide YOU to improve your life and help others too.
To SURVIVE we must help ourselves!

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