I’m NOT DEAD: I’m ALIVE without a body (Volume 1)


CH 1. Out of the flesh – Reunions- Surprises – Ever changing décor – Communicating with Earth people.

(Casting off the flesh body – Painless arrival – Shocks: from an unknown baby to a live bear – Reunion with loved ones – Linking with daughter on Earth – Mysterious ambient light: no shadows – Spirit books’ unwinding live pictures – Thoughts creating surroundings – Encounter with an evolved Being of light – Dad’s role in Spirit eased Mum’s passing)

CH 2. Fog of sorrow – Glimpses of Spirit physics: world of mind stuff – Discovering family secret.

(Feeling younger and pain free – Grief control essential to ambience – Spirit helpers recognised- Warning message explainedSpirit physics (thought & light linked; illusion of solidity; water’s vibrations) – Telepathic links – Grandma speaks: unexpected revelation of 100yr old family secret)

CH 3. Introspection therapy trip – Past lives –Visible light of kindness versus mental dark zones.

(Mum’s healing mind trip Introspection: Real self’s many facets via many lives‘Spirit body’ like a hologram Positive thoughts replace grieving War and racism – Hereafter light: inner vibrations of goodness – Nasty people’s inner darkness – Evolved Teachers: from higher levels of thought)

CH 4. Shocking revelations – Future probabilities – Role of Spirit guides- Trips into historical events.

(Grandma’s tragic past: confession – Birds’ songs understood telepathically-

States of mind visited as ‘places’- Guides learn from dealing with humans and vice-versa – Sitting with medium: Guide sifts through future probabilities – Spirit view of historical events)

CH 5. Points in the universe: centres of creation – Indestructible nature of thoughts  – Choosing lives.

(Half-sister speaksEnergy field’s colours reveal people’s thoughts – Earthlings ‘visit’ Spirit World in sleep Amazing system of ‘centres of creation’ – Thoughts and emotions carry on ‘growing’, even if facts did not happen on Earth –Intensity of thoughts creates –

Life’s aim: to discover more – Mental trips reveal reasons for choice of Earth lives)

CH 6. Practical mind exercises – A touch of subtle physics – Life in dying cells – All linked up.

(Mum’s trips through Time to historical eras and to foreign lands  –  Scientists should learn to revive reserves of life in dying cells – Flesh body seen by Spirits as heap of whirling energies – Ideas projected as hologram  – Mum’s update of happenings and progress in Hereafter )

CH 7. Past lives extracts – Earth life as film – Brain is not mind – Mum tours my earthly home!

(Daydreaming becomes reality – Mum casting off earthly ideas to know ‘whole Self’ – Earth life ‘film’ analysed: only you judge yourself – Recognising the friends of previous lives – Past lives’ moments seen as ‘extracts’- Conversing with people from various centuries One cannot kill: all equal and linked in both worlds Brain is not mind – The existence of fairies? – Paintings of ‘inner landscapes’ – Mum’s surprise visit to my earthly home)

CH 8. Soul knows of imminent death – Casting off earthly fears: exercises – Everything is ‘present’.

(Reincarnation = progress Colours of emotions in energy fields Mum’s ‘visits’ to sons in rain forest and French Riviera – Thoughts accelerated to project oneself visibly on Earth Nothing disappears: all is energy, all is ‘present’Mum’s soul knew of her death – Sleepers’ astral travel –During mind to mind link: energy line with own frequency and resonance – Guides’ special energy to signal their presence – Spirit  ‘message System’  –  My chosen life plan and past link to guide )

CH 9. Baby’s name revealed – Synaesthesia (Sounds in colours) –  No languages needed in Hereafter.

(More historical insight – Mum’s faux pas Unpleasant thoughts send black waves to recipient – Overcoming earthly conditioning Mum’s previous life explained Secret baby’s details revealed – Investigating Spirit lady’s regression through layers of emotions – Earth life: school – Guides: high knowledge, no wings – Real light: vibrations of emotions rather than particles Colours of sounds – One of my past lives – Thoughts’ vibrational rate transcend languages)

CH 10. Ectoplasmic transfiguration – Thoughts’ resonance – Time of death: soul’s choice.

(Mum appears: uses ectoplasmic sticky film of ‘living energy’People/animals affinity: vibrational response – Emotions’ resonance –  Exercises: watch thoughts become physical reality Real self  just a ‘thought Being’ – Death = soul’s need to depart – This field of matter chosen by humans – Lies impossible as visible – Thought energy’s far reaching influence – Dad studies atoms visibility on Earth: knowledge felt not formulated – Time ‘conversions’- Grasping emotional aspects of creation of events)

CH 11. Spirit warning – Floating above bed – Spirit ‘video’ of funeral – Dave speaks from Beyond.

(Grandma one of my helpers Mum helping new ‘arrivals’Dave’s operation and last birthday – Time of death unsure until Will to live is lost Dave’s last days and vision – Out of body shock – Medium’s unexpected confirmation Dave and others shown ‘mental video’ of his woodland burial – Dave communicates via Spirit intermediary: describes his passing – Spirits’ built-in “pattern-receiver-thought-processing-method” deciphers slow earthly thoughts)-