I’m NOT DEAD: I’m Alive without a body (Volume 3)

Authentic, enlightening and heart warming!

This Volume 3 offers six more years in the diary I’m Not Dead: I’m Alive without a body! that so far spans 20 years.

Those lively channelled conversations with ‘residents’ in the Spirit World, are written down exactly as they were received by the medium Brigitte Rix. She communicates mediumistically via the extrasensory perception of clairaudience and telepathically-guided automatic writing/ psycho-graphy.

They reveal more astounding insights into:

  • New arrivals’ various reports of their passing and settling down.
  • Progress of ‘seasoned Afterlifers’ fascinated by exciting Mind trips.
  • Distinction between Soul mates and facets of Higher Self/ Oversoul.
  • Investigations into ‘past lives’ purposes.
  • Near Death Experiences tinted by Mind states and emotions.
  • Eye-openers on Plants’ Consciousness and sounds from Plants!
  • Premonitions, dowsing and table-tipping.
  • Disclosure on how to deal with killers on Earth.
  • Extraordinary, hidden reasons for SLEEP!
  • Mind-boggling realization: Thoughts’ emotions carry on existing!
  • Grid of world Energy affected by Humanity’s negative emotions.
  • What happens in the Spirit World during messages via mediums.
  • Revelations on the Sound of Love and the OM sound.
  • Confirmation that matter cannot create Consciousness!
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My Spirit Masters, always ready to answer my questions. Delighted to enlighten us all, with the ground-breaking knowledge they dictated in their books which they asked me to channel… as they have been doing for over 36 years to-date. They wish to remind us to ‘listen within’ for answers, and make things happen by visualizing intensely our goals.

My Mother: her Progress has been visible, gradually, ever since she passed over 20 years ago! She reveals even more insights into the extraordinary discoveries & exciting adventures available: anyone inquisitive enough can investigate the inner creative Power of Thought, which we all have as Beings of Light and Thought Energy!

My Brother Pierre having recovered from the shock of his tragic suicide because of unbearable & agonising pain, is now thrilled to no longer be on Earth. Excited to have learnt to communicate and make lots of experiments, such as experiencing the vibrations of music transformed into fabulous colours which are soaked up by and fill the listener!

My Grandfather reveals astounding studies he made about the Consciousness of Plants, seen from the Other Side…and the Sounds emanating from flowers on Earth!

My Great-Grandfather, happy to contact me as he unexpectedly reveals he is part of my ‘Spirit Team of Helpers’ as he and I have a bond going back hundreds of years!

My Husband Dave, a non-believer when on Earth, now enjoys discovering the various facets of his personality as a Being of Mind Energy! Yet he still remembers his love for his family left behind in his recent life, as the bond of love never dies.

My scientist Friend Ronald P. is energized, as his intense desire to learn more about the creation of this Universe, helps him absorb new knowledge by ‘osmosis’. He accumulates new discoveries and realizes that people ‘earthly fame’ is nonexistent once ‘dead’: it’s only knowledge acquired and the way they acted which matter.

Strangers and acquaintances, newly departed, eager to reveal the effortlessness of their own passing & their discoveries. They confirm that the well-being of all new arrivals is the priority of those helping them to settle. It’s vital newcomers are guided to regain peace of Mind & enjoy their freedom, and don’t fret over ‘earthlings’ lamenting over graves.

This book offers you upliftment, understanding and reassurance that our departed actually live on. Their personalities as individuals still shine through, as they excitedly explain their adventures in their World of Freedom and Creative Thinking… where thoughts materialize!

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“Thank you for the hope and comfort you bring with your channelled books, not only to me and my family, but to all your readers! The knowledge you give takes away any fears of death and dying, and comforts those who are left behind”. – Bett Stopher – Cambridge UK-

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