I’m NOT DEAD: I’m ALIVE without a body (Volume 2)


CH 1. Condensed Light – Lives superimposed not linear – News from Dave – Colours emit sounds- Objects impacts on space – Heal Mind & Soul first – Guides blend their Minds with ours.

(Mum helps new arrivals and transforms herself into a light – Dave’s news of his activities- Guide sees our lives as superimposed – ‘Spirit Energies’: the basic stuff of any dimension – Soul introspection – More news of Dave – Grasping our many facets – Accumulation of knowledge through previous lives: how you react in life matters – Sound of colours – Mum visits her son on Earth – Dad’s physics studies- Energy of objects leaves imprint on ’space’ – Heal the Mind first! – Guides blend with our minds, not bodies – Mum poses for Spirit Artist psychic drawing practice).

CH 2. Using ectoplasm – Mind power creates – My past life link with my guide – Fend off others’ nastiness – Communicating helps departed – Tennis game using Mind!

(Ectoplasm – Mind explained – ‘Spirit Energy’ is the life Force – One of my past life as a man – Departed’s moral boosted by our communicating with them – Measure in feelings not Time – Others’ nastiness imbalances our own Energy and health – Mind power tennis! – No language barrier – Babies in womb need healing – Some Animals sacrifice themselves to teach Mankind).

CH 3. Physical Séance: materialised hand – Mum helps ‘departed’ children – My first search in French archives – Pets sense Spirits – Amazing dematerialisation – Feeling Mum’s Energy.

(Successful Physical Séance – Mum helping newly ‘departed’ children – Spirit World is against any war: No baby is born wanting war – My trip to France to start researching archives – Dave inspires his children – Guide’ s report on my departed cat—Pets sensing Spirits in room—Reasons for urgency to publish TLD book – Physical séance : I experience loop’s dematerialization and Mum’s communication and embrace – Sound changed into light—Animals built-in magnification of own power ).

CH 4. Progress: new way of thinking – Focused thought creates – Illness and inner turmoil – Transfiguration – Mum’s lives – Wingless Angels – Dave’s update – My ‘fatal’ fall.

(Shedding Earthly way of thinking – Focused people magnify Thought Power – Guide’s link to me in past life – Look within to find cause of illnesses – About transfiguration – Mum’s aspects of Whole Self – Past lives not linear: all probabilities surround the seeker – Angel of Mercy not winged—Feeling of ‘Time’ depends on mindset – Mum’s past lives as a Canadian hermit, a woman explorer, an intellectual lady in the Middle Ages and a Roman courtesan – Treasure of Inner Knowledge—How Psychic Art occurs – Ever changing possibilities makes predictions difficult – Dave’s update about coping with the parting – Mum’s life in Japan – Lives’ experiences enrich our Spirit – Spirit protection during my fall).

CH 5. Dad’s mysterious sound – Our Oversoul/ Higher Self decides – Baggage of regrets – A robin for Love – A thread through one’s lives – No real feeling of ‘Time’.

(My dad’s discovery, activities and advice – Why and when people ‘die’ – Coma: What happens? – About a guide’s looks or name – How to tune in to Spirit World wavelength – One of Mum’s lives as a non-believer – Quenching longings to free Soul—Update on Dave’s progress and the robin from his coffin – Mum as a knowledge thirsty lady in Ancient Mesopotamia – My back bitten by a human snake – One of Mum’s lives as a frustrated family man – All ‘past’ lives personalities have a common Higher Self/Oversoul).

CH 6. My brother’s tragedy – Confusion and adjustment – Mum’s brave work – Messages transmission – Thoughts sensed as images and feelings – Dave’s world tour – Pierre focusing and adapting.

(Pierre: Heart breaking news – Confusion of dream-like state – Guide explains procedure of communications – My brother ’s symbolic visions of his fears – Mum’s amazing repor – Guide’s own activities and responsibilities – Dave’s journeys to Earth countries to fulfil longings – Seeing thoughts travel towards and into people’s Minds – Possible lives activated by living them – Mum meets old flame – Knowledgeable and loving Grandma Léonie – Pierre ‘s need to focus on his new world).

CH 7. Healing Process – Shamanism – Mum’s message at séance – Mum’s past lives – Pierre’s introspection – Mind’s layers of perception.

How sending healing works – Animals’ passing and survival – Carnivores and preys – Symbols of ‘Power Animals’ – Healing in Shamanism – Mum’s talking at séance – Mum’s mother-in- law asking for forgiveness – Materialisation – Mum rescuing more new arrivals – Grandma’s update on Pierre – Mum’s past lives: a caring Roman soldier and a poor Siberian peasant – Lives like spokes of a wheel, not linear—Experiences in Mind projection – Thoughts not always words—Dave analyzes his recent life.

CH 8. Volume 1 published – Mind Energy: basis of everything – Oversoul’s facets – ‘Purple Dot’ – Suicide bombers – Transplants – Ray’s passing – Parents’ past lives – Science cannot create Life.

Mum’s and Dave’s delight at publication of ‘HER’ book – Everything is made of Mind Power – Dave learns about multi-faceted Oversoul/Higher Self—Revelation about ‘Purple Dot’ – Suicide bombers‘ plight – Organ transplants aspects – Dave and family welcoming newly departed brother Ray – Watching Spirit Video of Ray’s funeral – Mum, Dad and Grandpa : Napoleon’s soldiers in 19th century – My Spirit Teachers rejecting, in January 2012, doomsday claims “due” in Dec 2012 – Mum grasps her Higher Self as a sparkling Light – Mum’s life as poor orphan boy – Spirit Teachers explain the aura and refuting media‘s claims of scientists ‘creating life’ – Grandpa Léon’s summing up.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Seeking knowledge brings uplifting progress – To love is to want and be glad of loved ones’ happiness.