Aura & Energy body

1. Everyone and everything alive is and has an Energy body: some of its colourful layers (the ‘aura’) can be photographed with sensitive cameras or apparatus, such as used in  Kirlian photography.

2. Many sensitive (psychic) people have observed this Energy body ‘fly out’ of the physical one, at the time of  ‘death’ of the flesh body.
You are NOT your flesh body! Your Energy body is the ‘Real You’, the ‘driver’ of your flesh.

3. Your Energy field /body is indestructible and eternal, unlike the flesh body which it uses as its vehicle, to allow you to experiment life on Earth…
Your physical body’s health is affected by, and reflects, any emotions and traumas felt by the multi- layers (such as emotional and mental levels) of the Energy body.

4. The vibrations of this Energy body are far superior and faster than those of your body of flesh Matter: hence human eyes have difficulty with seeing it. It has been labelled ‘Spirit body’.

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