Life in Afterlife

1. Life for everyone in Spirit World life depends on the mental attitude of the inhabitant. Your attitude, desires and regrets create your surroundings.
They are a background for activities. You’ll have constant access to guidance and support, as well as enhanced learning at your own pace.

2. Like on Earth, there are teachers devoting their time to teach others to help them progress. Some teach within the Spirit World.
Others choose to help Humans on Earth by being their ‘guide’ or helper, inspiring their protégé without infringing on his/ her free will.

Everybody has one main ‘guide’ or ‘door keeper’ from birth, as well as some other helpers.

3. The Afterlife world is made of pure Energy and vibrations, yet that world feels real to those living there, just  like a dream feels real to the dreamer.
Colours are vibrations and emit  sounds!   Thoughts become visible!

The physics of the ‘Spirit World’ is far superior to, and beyond, physics known on Earth!

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