Ingolf Erben (Germany) May June 2014

Dear Brigitte, Your wonderful books have safely arrived – Thank you again for helping me with greater understanding of the most important topic of our lives I have finished 2 books ( Truths, Lies & Distortions and part 1 of I’m Not Dead I’m Alive…  without a body) . I would like to thank you and your Mum and your Spirit Masters from all my heart for writing and publishing these wonderful books- the most interesting books I have ever read in my life. You did really a great job in teaching the truth Reading these wonderful books was just like my second life. I am really grateful to you for offering all this knowledge to me.

I know that such books can’t be read just like novels. They are a permanent source of inspiration.

The book ‘ Truths, Lies & Distortions’ is an excellent replacement of the Bible with all these horror stories depicting this cruel God who sacrificed his son for the sins of all humans.

Your books helped me to see some things now differently. Now I totally accept the facets of the soul experiencing different lives.

Your Mum’s reports about the spirit world made it clear to me that there is absolutely no doubt in the continuation of our existence after physical death. – Ingolf Erben (Germany) May June 2014

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