Mrs. D. Stirling (Manchester) – Review on AMAZON- 3 Jan 2014

This review is for: Truths, Lies & Distortions: Why Mankind is Suffering: Hidden Truths Revealed (Paperback)

I have just finished reading Truths, Lies & Distortions. What an absolutely mindblowing book it is. I would highly recommend its reading to everyone who wants to know the real truth about why we are here on Earth, and how we arrived here. Brigitte Rix has her own website in which to purchase the book if you have any difficulty in finding a copy.

I first met her when I went with my brother to one of her free talks. He consequently bought the book, and recommended it to me. I can honestly say that it is one of the best (if not THE best) books I have read on this subject. However, I think it would help if you already have a knowledge that there is no death, and that we are all Spirits (or Souls) first and foremost, and on Earth to experience a Human and physical existence.

Part of the ‘blurb’ on the back of the book states that “you have in your hands GROUND-BREAKING, AUTHENTIC KNOWLEDGE revealing THE hidden Truths, masked by centuries of man-made Lies and Distortions”. Please read it for yourself and be prepared to be Enlightened! 5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Mindblowing book, By Mrs. D. Stirling (Manchester) – Review on AMAZON- 3 Jan 2014

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