Discovery time advert

‘DISCOVERY TIME’ with  the French ‘Afterlife-Lady’, BRIGITTE RIX

Experienced PUBLIC SPEAKER available for FREE TALKS (Qs & As) and LECTURES  on a wide range of SPIRITUAL MATTERS—whether for small group of ’seekers’, or large conferences.

Clairaudient channelling Medium BRIGITTE RIX offers lively, interactive TALKS tailored to audiences’ interests. She shares a wide range of eye-opening and enlightening knowledge, that she has been channelling for over 40 years of DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS with those in the Higher Realms of the ’Afterlife’ and its Advanced Masters.

(As those Communicators transmit through clairaudience & automatic writing/psychography, they requested that Brigitte publishes, as channelled books, the enlightening information they wish to offer to Humanity. Their 8 channelled books are available).

Ideal for any level:

  • whether groups of friends with common interests (e.g. the paranormal; communications with the Afterlife; what goes on in Other Dimensions; how and why humans came to exist; the effects of emotions over health; the future of the planet etc.)—

–  OR  –

  • conferences on the merging of Science & Spirituality (e.g. themes about Other

Dimensions;     Consciousness;     NDE     &     OBE;     why     ‘we     are     All     One’,     etc).

Brigitte Rix’s website –       Based in YORK (UK).