These ‘GOLDEN KEYS’ aim to FREE the MINDS of unhappy people:

  • Shaken and confused by current life-changing events?
  • Filled with fear, doubts and feeling helpless?
  • Grieving for loved ones?
  • Suffering from health problems?
  • Seeking help to cope with your uncertain future?

GOLDEN KEYS offer YOU suggestions and enlightening insights:

  • To help you discover who & what your REAL SELF is-
  • To unfold your psychic gifts-
  • To reinvent a better way of living & regain peace of mind.

Medium Brigitte Rix channelled this wisdom via high speed automatic writing & telepathy. from Evolved Masters, in the Afterlife.

Those caring Superior Beings exist in more Advanced Worlds.
They call themselves ‘The Team of Protectors of the Earth’.

They dictated helpful reminders & revelations:

  • All Beings are EQUAL: reject domination & manipulation.
  • All Beings are FREE creatures: do not harm each other.
  • Tips to strengthen and PROTECT your mind & body.
  • Tips to USE your astounding CREATIVE THOUGHT POWER.
  • Clues to LISTENING WITHIN for decisions & glimpses of future.
  • Clues to ‘Remote Viewing’, SENSING Nature & sending ‘Healing’
  • Explaining the Mystery of SURVIVAL without a flesh body, & ‘Past Lives’.
  • Revealing how COMMUNICATIONS & loving ‘signs’ are given by those Departed.

Open-mindedness and willingness to understand and apply those suggestions, will guide YOU to improve your life and help others too.
To SURVIVE we must help ourselves!

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